What Is Holistic Healing And How Can It Help Me?


Holistic healing is a way to heal your body naturally without resorting to medication or surgery. Holistic medicine is all about bringing balance within your body by aligning your mind, body and spirit.

The goal of holistic healing is to address the cause of the problem instead of merely treating the symptoms.

For example, if you’re prone to acne, normal treatments may include acne creams or facial washes. However, with holistic healing, you’ll be required to change your diet and eat more veggies etc.

By aiming to treat the cause, the problem can be completely eradicated. That’s the goal. Holistic methods can be used in conjunction with normal Western medicine.


Western VS Eastern Medicine

There is a fallacy that the two are mutually exclusive. This is not true. If you are in discomfort, it’s always best to see a doctor and get immediate treatment for the symptoms that are causing you pain. While on the medication, you can adopt holistic methods to treat the causes while the pain is mitigated.

There are several different types of holistic healing. For example, the Indians use Ayurvedic treatments while the Chinese use Meridian healing.

It is interesting to note that most forms of holistic healing come from the East where they have been practiced for centuries. Eastern concepts of healing such as acupuncture, acupressure, etc. have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years.

Only in recent years have the West started realising just how potent the holistic methods are. More and more people in the West are starting to see how effective these methods are when it comes to healing one’s self and keeping diseases at bay.

For example, many stroke patients who were unable to move their right arm recovered after a few acupuncture sessions. It is amazing just how powerful holistic methods can be if you give them a try.

In this article, we will focus on the Chinese medicine system of meridian healing. This is just a primer and if you want more details, you really should check out Pure Natural Healing. There are a ton of techniques and methods taught by Master Lim, who is a true practitioner of the art.

Just by learning his methods, you will be able to treat your migraines, lower your cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, reduce arthritic pain and much more. There are a plethora of ailments that can be treated with meridian healing once you have a grasp of the fundamentals.

What Is the Meridian System

The meridian system looks at the human body as an energy system. There is energy constantly flowing through you. Your body has 12 meridian points where this energy flows through:

  • Lung Meridian
  • Pericardium Meridian
  • Gall Bladder Meridian
  • Spleen Meridian
  • Bladder Meridian
  • Stomach Meridian
  • Large Intestine Meridian
  • Small Intestine Meridian
  • Kidney Meridian
  • Heart Meridian
  • Triple Burner Meridian
  • Liver Meridian

By applying pressure and massaging these points, you can bring about healing and clear any ‘blockages’ in your system. Of course, you’ll need to know exactly where to press and massage to get the job done. That’s why you need the help of a trained practitioner or you need the info in Pure Natural Healing.


What are the Benefits of Meridian Healing


There are several benefits of meridian healing but do note that all holistic treatments take time to work.

Unlike Western medication which contains chemicals and brings about immediate relief, holistic methods are natural and work with your body.

The benefits take longer to come but when they do, they’re much more rewarding because you’ll feel better and look better. The ailments you were having would have disappeared. It’s better to have your migraines disappear permanently than to constantly swallow pills to kill the pain.

Now let’s look at the benefits of meridian healing


The first thing you will notice is that you have more energy and you get tired less easily. Any stress you may have had before would have decreased considerably.

Your mental functions would have improved too. You’ll be able to focus and concentrate better. Your memory will be sharper and even the way you think will be more positive.

There is also the physical aspect. Your sense of balance will be better and you’ll be more limber. You’ll also feel like your muscles are stronger.


If you engage in cardio workouts, you’ll notice that after meridian therapy, your stamina gets a boost.

This is because meridian therapy promotes better lung function. Your blood circulation will improve, your internal organs will be healthier due to the stimulation and you will feel more relaxed.

You’ll sleep better at night too.


To sum it up, day to day life will be much easier since your body is in good health. It may seem miraculous that meridian healing can bring about such benefits but thousands of people use it daily and they’re in the pink of health.


Now let’s see what happens if your meridian points are blocked and qi cannot flow freely through your body. But before that… you’re probably wondering, “What is qi?”


What is qi?

Qi is a concept that is unique to Chinese medicine and it’s not easy to describe in words. Some people call it internal strength, while others say that it is a kind of power that comes from being in tune with your body.

The Chinese believes that this qi flows through the body and when it flows freely, you feel healthy and energetic. When there are blockages in your body, this chi cannot flow freely to the meridian points in your body. As a result, sickness and other health issues take root.

Qi is like energy that is in continual flux and you can’t create it or destroy it. You only can harness it and if you do it well, you will be healthy and strong internally and externally. If you do not know how to ensure that your qi flows freely, you will encounter health issues and other problems.


Signs that your meridians are blocked

Lung Meridian – Asthma, breathing difficulties and a general tightness in the chest

Pericardium Meridian – Palms that feel hot, restlessness, tightness in the chest, hot flushes

Gall Bladder Meridian – Headaches, migraines, pain in the knees or armpits, ear aches, facial pain

Spleen Meridian – Burping often, nausea, pale dry lips

Bladder Meridian – Urinary problems, eye problems, fever, neck aches, frequent cramping in legs

Stomach Meridian – Headaches that seem to originate behind the eyes, abdominal pain

Large Intestine Meridian – Nasal congestion, sore throat, tooth aches, stiffness in the upper body especially the neck and shoulders

Small Intestine Meridian – Yellowish eyes, hearing and urinary problems

Kidney Meridian – Yellowish eyes hearing and urinary problems

Heart Meridian – Swelling in throat, mouth that feels dry, feeling breathless

Triple Burner Meridian – Facial pain

Liver Meridian – nausea, mood swings, reddish eyes


A Review of Master Lim’s Pure Natural Healing


The topic of meridian healing is a very difficult one to cover in such a short article because of the vast amount of information on this topic.

As you have seen earlier, meridian healing works and is very potent. You’ve also seen the possible health issues that can crop up if there is imbalance within your body.

To truly benefit from meridian healing, you need to know exactly what you’re doing. You can’t just press different spots on your body and expect miracles.

Click below to watch a full video of the course


There is no guesswork involved and while meridian healing may look like it’s just simple massage techniques, the truth of the matter is that there is a science behind it and you need a good grasp of the fundamentals in order to see results.

The biggest problem for most people trying to learn meridian healing is the lack of information available on the topic. In fact, most of the knowledge in Chinese medicine is passed down from teacher to student… and on and on.

Even if you scoured the internet, you wouldn’t really find much useable information on the topic. The best guide available so far is Master Lim and Kevin’s Pure Natural Healing. It has sold thousands of copies and has helped many more people.


Let’s examine this guide in greater detail


Pure Natural Healing is a collaboration between Master Lim and Kevin Richardson. Master Lim is an expert on acupressure and using it to clear one’s chi.

In this guide, Master Lim and Kevin will show you how to massage away these blockages so that the chi energy can flow freely within you. There are several other techniques taught which will improve your health greatly.


A look at the pros and cons of this guide.

The Good Points:

  • This is a very comprehensive and detailed system. Master Lim and Kevin have told you everything you need to do know and they used simple language so that anyone could understand and follow it.
  • The techniques they show can also be combined with massage therapy, aromatherapy, essential oils, etc. This is holistic treatment at its best.
  • The focus of this guide is in clearing any blockages in your body so that energy can flow freely to the meridian points. This may seem a bit confusing now but once you get the guide, it will all make perfect sense.
  • The methods shown will boost your energy, prevent cancer, aid with digestion, help you sleep better, mitigate heart disease and arthritis… and much more.
  • This book will teach you meridian therapy and where to locate your healing points so that you can use acupressure on them. Instructional videos are provided to help you learn easily.
  • The exercises shown are very simple and only take a few minutes to do. You’ll be able to do them anywhere and this makes it very convenient.
  • The product is backed by a 60-day refund policy. You can always ask for your money back if you feel like it’s not working for you.

The Bad Points

We have seriously tried to find cons about the program, but we can’t really see some big issues with it. It is of course an online course, so if you like to learn it live, this wouldn’t be for you.

Otherwise, go for it if you want to learn healing from one of Chinas expert in the field.

Click here to see the full video of Pure Natural Healing


What You Need To Know About Numerology

Numerology has been around for centuries and is considered an old science. Many people look upon it with skepticism just like how they think that astrology is all a pile of hogwash. However, those that do believe in numerology and astrology are often amazed at how uncannily accurate the predictions are.

In this article, we will look at numerology and the impact it has on your life. Unlike astrology that most people easily understand, numerology is a little bit more complicated because numbers are involved.

Nevertheless, the popularity of numerology has been rising rapidly over the years. This is due to many websites offering numerology reports. The most popular one is Numerologist.com and it has helped thousands of people by giving very accurate readings.

If you have no time to figure it out yourself, it’s just way easier to get a site like Numerologist.com to do a report for you. They even offer a free report and you can see how good they really are.


What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient science that uses numbers to choose names, predict a person’s personality and tell them what their strengths and weaknesses are. This will help them choose life partners, careers and much more because they are in alignment with their numbers.

Numerology is said to make your life easier since you will be choosing the right path and will not meet with insurmountable obstacles.

Your number is calculated based on your date of birth. Even alphabets are assigned numbers and so the alphabets in your name can be added up according to the corresponding numbers and this will give you new insights.



Numerologists often liken the numbers to the notes in music. Just like how different notes have different sounds, different numbers have different consequences.

It is crucial that you understand how numerology charts work so that you can calculate your numbers. Only by doing this will you be able to control the different spheres of your life such as your career choices, business decisions and even choosing whom you marry. Everything affects everything else in numerology.

What are the different types of numerology

The most common types of numerology are Pythagorean, Chaldean and Kabbalah numerology. While it is beyond the scope of this guide to go in depth into any one type, here is just a brief summary on each.


Pythagorean numerology

  • Developed by the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras
  • Combines mathematics with spiritual aspects
  • Analyzes the date of birth and the name.
  • Basic vibrations are the numbers 1 to 9 while the master vibrations are 11 and 22


Chaldean Numerology

  • Has its roots in ancient Babylon
  • Is influenced by astrology
  • Only uses compound numbers
  • Considers the number 9 to be sacred
  • Single numbers denote your external aspects while double numbers denote your character and personality

Kabbalah Numerology

  • Known as Hebrew numerology
  • Has a new version that is influenced by Pythagorean numerology
  • Has 22 vibrations which range from one to four hundred
  • If often used to determine favorable time periods and is more concerned with events rather than human nature or personality


How Does Numerology Work

Similar to the law of attraction, numerology works on the principle that everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency. Knowing this frequency will allow you to attract what you want into your life or will help you to work your way around any possible obstacles.

Numerology is all about using numbers to establish frequencies. By calculating someone’s number just based on the letters in their name, numerologists are often able to predict the individual’s temperament and their character.

An example of a real-life application – Let’s assume that you can’t get along with your boss. If you know his name, using numerology, you’ll be able to figure out his personality and how you can go about putting an end to the friction between the two of you. This is just one of the many ways numerology can be used.


The biggest hurdle that most people face when using numerology is that they need to learn how to calculate the numbers and there is a lot of reference work involved. This is a complex art to master.

That’s exactly why sites like Numerologist.com exist. They’ll do the work for you and they have a team of experts who will be able to produce detailed reports regarding whichever aspect of your life you’re interested in.

It’s important to pick a reputable site which has thousands of satisfied clients. There are many sites which are scams and don’t deliver accurate reports.


Learning to Calculate Basic Numerology

Don’t panic. It’s not that complicated. This is not algebra. It’s just basic addition.

Basically, you will need to calculate the sum of the numbers. Assuming you are born on the 23rd of June… 23 is two numbers. So, you’ll add the 2 and 3… 2+3 = 5

If you’re born in the year 1970, you’ll add up all the numbers in the year… 1+9+7+0=17. You’ll then add the 17 up which is 1+7=8… This 8 is your number.

The most common practice in numerology is to reduce all numbers to single digits unless you encounter 11 or 22, which according to Pythogorean numerology are considered as master vibrations.



If you wish to calculate your name, you’ll need to substitute the letters in your name for numbers. Just use the chart below.

Numerology Chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




When calculating numerology for your name, use your full birth name. Not your nicknames or your Facebook name. There must be significance in the name and since it was given to you by your parents, that’s what you will use.


When calculating the birthdate, you will use the month/day/year format.

Using Numerology To Choose Names

If your life has not been going well for you for years or you see no progress despite your best efforts, you can use numerology to choose a name for yourself. You may then choose to use this name or even legally change it.

Many people have reported that their lives got much better the moment they changed their name. Of course, the name you choose will be influenced by your birthday which is fixed.

Even women who get married and adopt their husband’s name may see changes in their lives due to the change in the numbers and since we established earlier that different numbers have different vibrations, the changes in one’s life can either be positive or negative.

Names have a very strong impact on your life. So, it’s good to know your numerology well when choosing names for your children, your business, your address and so much more.

It’s best to get a detailed report done so that you can make an informed decision.



A Quick Look At The Numbers

Now we get to the fun part of numerology and that is knowing what the different numbers reveal about an individual’s personality.

The descriptions below are just a rough guide. You will need a much more comprehensive guide to really understand each number in detail. But for a start, the pointers below will do.


Number One

People who are number ones are leaders. They’re driven, ambitious and goal oriented. Many excellent businessmen and leaders in their respective fields are often number ones. Their ability to focus on the task at hand is unbelievable. However, they can be egotistic and stubborn. If they rein in these negative attitudes, number ones usually do very well in life.

Number Two

People who are number twos are often thinkers. They tend to be more philosophical and can be moody at times. Number twos can get along well with most people and they have an honest and trustworthy nature.


Number Three

People who are number threes have this gift of having a lot of good things come their way. To the casual observer, it may seem like pure luck. Here’s the best part… IT IS! Number threes are very lucky. They’re also creative. However, there is a tendency for them to be manipulative or opportunistic at the expense of others. If they can rein in these negative attitudes, number threes can lead very rewarding lives.

Number Four

People who are number fours excel in jobs that are methodical and have a lot of details. Accountants, managers and quality control executives who are number threes usually do an excellent job. They often seem mature and live structured lives. It’s hard to find a number four who does things on the spur of the moment. They thrive in order and routine.


Number Five

People who are number fives are often exuberant, energetic and they tend to travel often. Unlike number fours, number fives thrive at living life on the edge and without much planning. They love adventure and the thrill of something new. They’re excellent at multitasking and have an ability to naturally think outside the box.


Number Six

People who are number six are often peace loving creatures who will always aim for consensus instead of conflict. They’re intelligent and dependable. When it comes to work, number sixes do very well with jobs that require creativity.


Number Seven

People who are number sevens are usually extremely smart because of their analytical skills. Most number sevens tend to live in worlds of their own construct where things are how they think it should be. It doesn’t make them dreamy because they have a unique ability of attracting whatever they want. They’re probably the type of people who are very successful at using the law of attraction due to their ability to visualize.


Number Eight

Number eights are blessed with foresight. Many of the most successful business men or stock brokers are number eights who were able to see opportunities long before others saw them. They also have an uncanny ability to know when to get out of a deal just before it goes south. This is a very useful skill to have for what they do.


Number Nine

Number nines exude charisma and win people over with their charm. Just like number ones, they make great leaders… However, number nines lead with their ability to win people’s hearts while number ones lead with focus and determination. Number nines are capable of great things if given a chance.


This is just a brief summary of the different types of personalities associated with the numbers. To find out about your personality in much greater detail, you will need a proper report done.


Benefits of numerology

There are many benefits that can be accrued by adopting numerology in your life. One benefit is that you will understand how others see you. By reading about your personality in a numerology report, you will have a better understanding of who you are.

This is a great tool for self-discovery too. Numerology can help with self-reflection and knowing what it is that makes you think and act the way you do.

Numerology is great for fostering better relationships. You can find out your spouse’s number or your children’s numbers, etc. By understanding their nature, you’ll be able to relate to them better. This works for colleagues, bosses and business partners too.


For example, if you know that someone is a number three and you’re about to do business with them, you will know that they may be manipulative. This will keep you on guard and alert just in case.

Analyzing your birthdate will reveal innate talents that you may have. For example, people who are number sevens are usually either good writers, singers or actors. They excel in the performing arts. You just need to find out what suits you or where your interests lie and if you follow it, you will excel.

Numerology is also great for analyzing a house address. You will be able to buy a house that complements your personality and the address will in a place that has positive energy and vibrations that are suitable for you.


In Conclusion…

There are so many uses for numerology that it is mind-boggling. However, to get the best use out of numerology, you need to truly understand how it works.

You MUST know how to accurately calculate the numbers and what they mean to you. You can’t do it haphazardly and expect results. In fact, if you do it wrong, you may be inadvertently sabotaging your own life.

That is why it was mentioned earlier that it’s much easier to pay a few dollars and get professionals to do it for you. Numerologist.com offers a range of reports that cover just about everything from finances to romance. You just need to pick one and ask them to do a report for.

It’s much simpler than struggling to do one yourself. If you are truly passionate about numerology, then by all means take your time and learn it well. But if you just want fast results and a quick understanding, you might as well get the experts to do a report for you. It doesn’t get any easier.

Stress Free With Guided Meditations

 10 best guided meditations

Guided meditation is a form of stress relief that is conducive to relaxing the whole body, in part by finding a way of peaceful and calming relaxation from within the body.

Guided meditation may utilise soothing photographs or scenarios to enhance the ability of the mind to relax and guide the body to a point of relaxation so that the person in meditation can find a true sense of inner peace.

Quite often, guided meditation will be accompanied by soft music or sounds of nature.

The video below is one of the most popular guided meditations on Youtube

Important If You Want To Find Peace In Mind

One of the keys to successfully having a session of Guided meditation is finding an area where the one meditating will be free of distractions. Any outside interference will prevent proper concentration and make the attempts at guided meditation futile and perhaps even frustrating, further aggravating the problem seeking to be solved by the very use of guided meditation.

After finding a suitable location for guided meditation, other factors need to be taken into consideration. Some practitioners of guided meditation feel that visual stimuli can be used to help achieve a sense of inner peace and help to achieve true relaxation.

Still other practitioners of guided meditation feel that any outside visual simulation will detract from the minds ability to properly focus on the body and the results of the guided meditation will be hindered or even reversed.



The same can be said for audio stimulation during sessions of guided meditation. While some individuals believe that soothing sound effects or even quiet music is conducive to the guided meditation, still others believe that it is only a hindrance and will do nothing more than create a harmful atmosphere for the practitioner of such guided meditation.

Guided Meditations Will Get You Stress Free

The basic concept of guided meditation is to relax. This is done by taking oneself on a guided tour of sorts through their own body. In the practice of guided meditation, it is normal to find a focus point in the body and begin there, someplace that is easy to relax.

While staying focused on the body and in particular the muscles, the practitioner of guided meditation attempts to relax the muscles of the body. Allowing the body to completely relax allows the practitioner of guided meditation to next completely relax the mind.

When the mind and body are completely relaxed, the person can begin to concentrate on focusing his thoughts and ideas during the guided meditation.

When using guided meditation, thoughts are usually thought to be transcendent and more in focus allowing the practitioner to perform better in all aspects of life.

Whether or not guided meditation is right for a person is not only dependent on spiritual beliefs. Anyone contemplating the benefits of guided meditation must be seeking to improve themselves as a whole as well.


We have put together a couple of really good guided meditations audios below. As a reader of the blog, you’ll get the for FREE

Feng Shui: And How You Can Enhance Chi In Your Home And Life

what is my feng shui element

Feng Shui helps you to take beneficial and effective actions in your home or living space so that your house can have an optimal flow of Chi. In this article, we will give you a full overview of the concept Feng Shui

The Feng Shui design ideas discussed in this article can help beginners to understand some of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui as well as how they can apply for the principles and enhancing your home and lives.

Like the positive and negative energies (yin and yang) existing in nature, every room and every home has both positive and negative areas. There are strengths that already exist, just as there are weaknesses. The Feng Shui design changes that are carried out in a house are always meant to help enhance the weak areas and decrease Chi that is too strong, ultimately yielding a balanced, harmonious feeling that is the cornerstone of a contented and successful life.

Feng Shui Design And Power Areas

 feng shui mirror placement for good luck

A concept commonly used in a Feng Shui design is the idea of power areas. Feng Shui recognises nine power areas inside a building like your home or office. Some have excellent supportive energy, some are much less favorable.

A power spot is an area of the home which can be as big as a room or as small as a tiny little nook, but this particular area has strong associations with your life (or parts of your life) that mean a great deal to you at a particular point in a given time frame.

Feng Shui power spots are unique to each person, family and home. They are determined not only by the things that are going on in a persons life presently, but also by the design and architecture of their particular living space.

According to Feng Shui, power spots are unique to each person, family and home and some of these are determined not only by the things that are going on in your life right now but also by the design and architecture of your particular living space.

Feng Shui Is For Everyone

Feng Shui is relevant to all people. You can practice Feng Shui in any situation and living environment. Anyone who is interested in knowing about nature and is interested in improving the quality of life for themselves and others are sure to be benefited by Feng Shui study.

But before you take up the Feng Shui study it is important to know that there are many schools of Feng Shui and there are many variations that exist within each school.

What ever school you might consider for your Feng Shui study, remember the basic principles and theories (Feng Shui elements, concept of yin and yang and Feng Shui Colors) will remain the same, but there can be some variation in the tools that are used for analysis and interpretations.



Different Schools Of Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui Chart

Flying Star or Xuan Kong Feng Shui is the most advanced level of Feng Shui study, it adds a time dimension to a building’s energy.

The advanced Compass School also integrates the Eight House Theory to provide a comprehensive & professional analysis of a house.

Feng Shui study under this school enables you to predict the good times and the bad times from year to year, month to month and day to day, which are based on the natal or the birthday chart of each house.

Feng Shui consultants of this school suggests enhancements for every home after a complete Feng Shui study is made to know how the nine different “stars” or energies are moving or flying to different compass directions every year, month, day and hour.

Base Charts of all nine periods are constructed based on the study. The residents dates of birth are also taken into account.

The school also gives consideration to the form as it affects the stars.

Compass School Feng Shui


The Compass School divides the structure into eight compass directions using a compass.

Each person has four good compass directions and four bad compass directions which are based on their year of birth and gender. The person either belongs to the East Group or the West Group. A building’s sitting direction determines whether it is an East or West Group structure.

Each compass direction has a Feng Shui element associated with it: water, wood, earth, metal, or fire.

A Feng Shui consultant who is proponent of this school suggests best compass directions for sleeping and working which can tremendous affect for improving your life.

Form School Feng Shui

Under The Form School of Feng Shui one makes a systematic Feng Shui study to understand how the shapes and forms of the surrounding landscape and waterways affect people living or working in a structure.

The four cardinal directions of the compass are represented by four animals which are the Green Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Red Phoenix of the South and the Black Turtle of the North.

Interior forms and the layout of the structure are also analysed and Feng Shui consultation is made by understanding the many implications of the color.

Western Feng Shui

This is a modern version of Feng Shui developed in the mid 1980s and is a combination of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism ,Psychology and Traditional Feng Shui. It is based on a more spiritual approach.

The structure is divided into eight sections and a bagua or Ba Gua map aligned with the entry door, rather than actual compass directions.

Each section corresponds to a different life aspiration. The Feng Shui study gives more emphasis on placing of symbols.

A Feng Shui consultation also draws from modern psychology and design principles besides the ancient wisdom. Its guiding principle is that changing the subtle energetic (Chi) alignments and flows in a given space can change a situation’s inherent intention, hence changing the fate of its inhabitants.

Feng Shui Study

One can get into Feng Shui study for any of the Feng Shui Schools mentioned above in a distance learning mode.

We can truly recommend you to check out the course below, where you will become a pro in Feng Shui, ready to start giving consultations.

Studying Feng Shui helps you to have a deep and clear understanding of the energetics of environment; discovering how to begin balancing and positively activating energy in your working and living environments. It is only after a proper Feng Shui study that you are in position to explore new ideas and techniques and learn to extend the basic principles of Feng Shui to healing your body, mind and spirit.

Spiritual Things Matter Recommends

Astrology for Marriage Matching

Astrology for Marriage Matching

Astrological predictions can be effectively utilised to predict many aspects of our lives like business, love, money, jobs etc..

It may also be used to boost overall success of people.

The effect of the planetary motions on our day to day lives can’t be completely ruled out.

It’s often said that marriages are matched in heaven. Well, it might just be so.

Many people see love as the #1 factor in order to be truly happy. But in order to get love in your life, you need to find that special person that makes your heart beat faster.

Astrology can help you do just that.

Astrology plays a large part in finding the ideal matrimonial alliance. With the support of astrological predictions, you can make it a lot easier for yourself to find the right one.

Millions of successful users of astrology will vouch for that.

Periods you need to know about if you want your marriage to stay healthy

The practice of matching horoscopes of, would be brides and grooms are quite common among the Hindus in India, where astrology has it’s roots.

Marriages almost never happen there without horoscope matching. Astrologers also determine the ideal time and date of the marriage.

Horoscopes of the prospective brides and grooms tell a lot about the past, present and future.

Horoscope matching also guides the astrologer on the dates to be avoided.

There are some periods in which influence of some planets like Saturn is quite strong.

These periods may not be ideal for marriage, as solemnized in these periods is known, to be short lived.

So, we know that astrology can be used to avoid future break-ups or divorces.

Astrology Marriage Match


Matrimonial matching by horoscopes requires a few important documents.

First of all, the horoscopes of both the bride and the bridegroom are analysed.

Then some crucial information such as the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, of both the man and the woman are collected.

There are various permutations and combinations to be done to match the horoscopes.

The influences of the motions of the planets at the time of birth are analysed.

This gives a rough idea to the astrologer whether the couple is compatible or not. It is not mandatory that the horoscopes of the bride and the groom need to match perfectly. Sometimes marriages are possible in the case minor differences between the man and woman.

Success Rate In Marriage Matching

It has been observed that the success rates of marriages are higher in cases where horoscope matching is done.

Critics may have a different opinion regarding this. But they too cannot totally disprove the fact that Astrology is effective when it comes to marriages. The scientists may say that Astrology has no scientific basis. But that does not take the credit away from the practice of horoscope matching, as this has proven to work time after time.

We hope that you’ve gotten some value out of this article about Astrology for Marriage Matching.

Please share it with your friends and help us get the message heard.

By the way, Numerology is even more exact when it comes to predict the right one for you.